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Me, Talking


Remember AGES ago, back in the fall, I went down to the Washington, DC area to tape some TV interviews for Hope Channel, talking about my Biblical novels? I promised you could see them once they were available, so here’s the first one:

The book I’m talking about is an older one, Esther: A Story of Courage, but it’s still available, and an abridged version of it, re-written for young adult readers (ages 10-15) is coming out this spring.


7 thoughts on “Me, Talking

  1. so neat to see you in action, trudy! i loved seeing that!

  2. Very cool 🙂 I remember hearing your voice on that Brooklyn video thing, but for some reason it was different to hear and see you speak. TV appearances FTW!

  3. A great interview!

    PS. Young adults – ages 10-15? I thought young adults were ages 20-35, but maybe I am just way out of touch… 😉

  4. Ansku, for book publishing purposes (publishers, libraries and bookstores), a “young adult” or YA book (at least in North America) is a book for pre-teens and early teenagers.

    Some confusion there with church ministry where “young adult” tends to mean 20s and early 30s, I know.

    Thanks for the nice comments, everyone. I think this and the other interview (which I will post sometime later) were both trimmed a bit — there are things I remember talking about at the end that didn’t get in here — but I don’t know whether they were trimmed when they were actually aired, or just cut to fit the length of a YouTube clip when they were posted to YouTube.

  5. Such poise and composure…this is brilliantly done! Bravo on the interview…and the book! 🙂

  6. Hey Trudy. You were AWESOME! You spoke so clearly and looked very much at ease. You also looked very young and fresh 🙂 What’s your secret??? Can’t wait to see another one from you soon.

  7. Great interview Trudy. You look really relaxed and comfortable. Your hair looks great too!

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