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Yes, I’m Still Here


Another crazy-busy week, and I keep meaning to think of things to post and then … it doesn’t happen.  I’ve been pushing away at a freelance writing deadline on top of all the normal life stuff, so there’s been little free writing time.  And while I do have one more thing I wanted to pu on the blog, it’s another of those shameless self-promotion things, and I like to give people a break between those, because while promoting my books is one of things I do on this blog, it’s not the only thing and I think it gets tiresome if I do it over and over.

Not, perhaps, as tiresome as whining that things are really busy, I hate February with a passion, it’s cold and wet and cold again, and now I have a frakkin’ COLD, as if I weren’t suffering enough.  I mean, I know on the scale of human suffering, me having a slight cold on Friday the 13th of February is pretty pathetic, but hey, I’m all stuffed up here.  And I have to preach in church tomorrow, all stuffed up.

Then we have a tiny little family getaway planned, just a little ways across town to a motel that has an indoor swimming pool and a HUGE waterslide, so we’re going to hang out in a nice clean motel room and pretend we’re at the beach having a tropical vacation. The kids are so excited they practically ahve to be tranq’d, and I’m just grateful that they’re still so easily impressed.


3 thoughts on “Yes, I’m Still Here

  1. that’s a great idea as a mini-vacation! i hope those sinuses clear before preaching… what are you preaching on??

  2. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d go with the obvious — love. Preaching on 1 Corinthians 13. And have convinced my son to sing the Petra song “Love” based on that text, for special music. I hope I’m feeling less scratchy and sinusy by tomorrow!

  3. Ah, Trudy…

    February is nasty, I agree. How can the shortest moth feel so darned long? But the countdown is on – only 14 more days to go, get yourself some echinacea tablets and dream tropical dreams next to the pool! After you preach, that is!

    Have a great day and hope you feel better soon.

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