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More on Daughters of Grace


And the Shameless Self-Promotion continues … here’s a short promotional video produced by the publisher.  The speaker in the video is Lori Peckham, editor of Women of Spirit where these articles first appeared.

And a quick update — the book is now listed as available for $14 US on amazon.com, though it’s showing as “Ships in 1-3 weeks.” It may be awhile before it’s in stock so it can ship immediately, but that’s progress!


4 thoughts on “More on Daughters of Grace

  1. Lori sure looks excited about the book!!

    Now tell the truth…is this a book that will appeal only to women, or would I like it to?

  2. I’ll bring you a copy when I come up, and you can decide. If it doesn’t grab you, you can give it to your mom.

    It’s hard to put myself in a man’s brain* to evaluate whether the book would be interesting to a male reader. All the stories are about women, and it is very geared that way, having appeared first in a women’s magazine. But there’s no accounting for tastes … I certainly wouldn’t tell men NOT to read it!!

    (*insert obvious joke about the space being too small…)

  3. Hi Trudy– I really love this book! I’ve shared it with several people since I read it a couple of months ago. I also read a chapter for our board worship last month and used it as part of my Sabbath School program at church as well. I will be posting an entry about it at my blog later this evening and will link to this entry so people can look at the video…

    It’s an interesting and inspiring read =)

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