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I Think I Know the Meaning Now of Lurve…


OK, so my last couple of posts have contained some sombre and thought-provoking material — definitely time to get frivolous again for the weekend.

Jason was rewatching this the other night (he just cannot get enough of Fry and Laurie on DVD) and laughing so hard I thought he might injure himself. 

I think it’s hilarious. But I also sometimes think my feelings about Hugh are a little too similar to Hugh’s feelings about Steffi …


6 thoughts on “I Think I Know the Meaning Now of Lurve…

  1. Oooooo…do you guys know who Hugh is imitating? This song is about the German fan who came out of the stands and stabbed Monica Seles in the back with a nine inch knife, because he wanted Steffi Graff to be number one again.

    His bad singing IS comical, but what he’s saying isn’t so funny. 😦

  2. Yeah … I only recently found out this was based on an actual event … pretty creepy. Still think Hugh is adorable with the facial expressions though.

  3. Not to mention the quintessential hair-tosses…

  4. I know … I love the hair-tossing!!

    “And if I had another life, I’d choose
    To come back as some personal item of Hugh’s …”

  5. Trudy,
    I enjoyed the article in the February 2009 Messenger.So I checked out your blog.I was startled to see so many of your favourite things that are so many of my favourite things.I love John Cale doing Hallelujah.The Princess Bride has been my favourite movie since it came out. Chocolate is one of my many sins.I love Ron Hynes,especially his song The Lighthouse.
    But my favourite novel is Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin,and Bob Dylan is carved into my soul forever,especially Blind Willie McTell,and then,all his other songs.His voice is almost as bad as mine,so that’s not a hindrance.David is my favourite Bible character. Go figure.I think you’d like the Long Black Veil by the Chieftains, especially their song Changing Your Demeanour,words that are fun to memorize.


    • Great minds think alike, David. As for Dylan … what are you, about 10 years old than I am? I think that’s the quintessential divide with Dylan … people “of a certain age” were so influenced by his music they can forgive his awful singing…

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