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Lent: Update


Here we are, half-way through Lent, half-way to Easter.  Time to pause and reflect.

If you’d like to hear me in conversation with some other Adventists about the practice of Lent, why our church doesn’t observe it and what meaning it has for us personally, listen to this Spectrum podcast (you can listen live at the link or download the podcast).

As for my personal practice, I have stuck with the giving up chocolate, although I do allow myself a Sabbath exemption because Sabbath is a day of joy, not hardship.  This makes the weeks just barely bearable.  It never ceases to amaze me, when I practice fasting of any kind, how completely dependent I am upon my simple comforts, and how helpless I am without them.

I also cheat a bit.  Sabbath starts at sunset Friday night, but I’m finding as Lent goes on that my Sabbath indulgence in chocolate often starts after work on Friday when I come home and begin cooking/baking for the weekend.  I also decided that all last weekend, while I was with Jamie and Cathy in Ontario, was an “extended  Sabbath.”

Sometimes Lent is a deeply spiritual time for me.  I always aim to make it a time when I spend more time in prayer, Bible study, even just quietness.  So far this hasn’t happened this year.  Lent is the usual too-busy work/home/volunteer/writing routine, and I still struggle with finding quiet times and making space in that life for the spiritual side. Lent is not the magic bullet.

On the other hand, my Lenten plunge into non-fiction reading is rolling along nicely and, as always, I’m discovering new books that challenge and enrich my thinking.  The first few reviews are up at Compulsive Overreader, so if any of them are books you’ve read, or might be interested in, jump on over there and join the conversation!


2 thoughts on “Lent: Update

  1. An excellent podcast discussion!

  2. Thanks, Ansku! It was fun to do.

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