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It’s an Ill Wind …


Today on the news I heard that national unemployment rates are on the rise again.  Hardly surprising, given the current economic conditions.

But the best part is that so many new EI claims are being filed, that the government is spending $60 million to hire hundreds of new workers to process all these claims.

So unemployment leads to … more employment?

Turns out the Wonderful Grand Band had it right all those years ago, in their classic song “U.I.C.”:

They say there’s work in Edmonton and work in Montreal

Work diggin’ graves or pickin’ apples in the fall

There’s work in the east and there’s work in the west

But the best job of all … is handing out the cheques.


3 thoughts on “It’s an Ill Wind …

  1. So I guess when the economy bounces back these workers get laid off? Hmmm…

    Still, it’s good news for the hundreds for now, at least.

  2. LOL…I’ve got that song in my head now!

    Unemployment rates, and bankruptcies are both on the rise. Oddly enough, another report is saying Canada is one of the most optimistic countries during the recession. Ireland, is at the bottom with a “glass half-empty” philosophy.

  3. there IS still work in edmonton!:) well, it’s dwindling fast, but we’re optimistic out here. watching the news gets pretty scary lately!

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