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A Sense of Accomplishment


It’s been a busy few weeks around here.

In fact, that may be a bit of an understatement.

But now, with just a few days to go till the blessed relief of Easter break, I can reflect on some of the things I’ve got checked off that giant “To Do” list and feel a sense of accomplishment.

-I finished my major freelance writing assignment for the year (26 sermon scripts for the Christian TV show Windows of Hope), which is always a lot of work and wonderful to get finished.

-I did final edits on the proofs of By the Rivers of Brooklyn and got it back in the hands of the publisher.

-Got my students’ midterm grades turned in (they may not all be happy about this, but at least they know how they’re doing!)

-Updated my book reviews with some of the books I’ve been reading during Lent (check them out — comments/debate welcome!)

-Organized (with the help of a friend who organizes mystery nights, etc., and offered her services) a mystery birthday party for this young detective and seven of her friends:

(Question: How does anyone get to be this cute in only nine years????)

-Helped supervise a Heritage Fair project on Newfoundland folk music for this talented young musician (admittedly, his dad did most of the supervising and helping on this one, since I was involved with all the above things … but then, that’s why parenting takes two!)

To our great delight and somewhat to Chris’s surprise, I think, he was a runner-up in the competition.  He said he didn’t care about winning, but when they started announcing the honourable mentions, runners-up and winners he suddenly stood up to watch and crossed both his fingers, so I guess he cared after all!

So yes, it’s been a busy several weeks.  And I think we should note, when looking at the things I’ve done, that since it’s still Lent I’ve done all this without chocolate.  OK, I’ve cheated a bit here and there, but I’ve done all this with much less chocolate than usual.

Just one duty left to go, which is a play my Theatre Arts students are putting on in school tomorrow, which should be an absolute blast, if everyone actually shows up to do it!  They’re a lot of fun to work with, but I do still worry a bit about how things will go off since my students, while lovely in every way, are not always the most reliable group of people in the world.  So if that goes off hitch-less tomorrow, I’ll really be breathing a sigh of relief, even bigger than the one I’m breathing now!

I hereby declare April to be the Month of Hedonism.  I am not going to take on a single big project in April for any reason other than because I consider it Fun Fun Fun!!!! That’s a promise, and you can hold me to it.


4 thoughts on “A Sense of Accomplishment

  1. Answer: Good genes.

    I was exhausted just reading your list. Hope you have nothing but indulgent fun planned for your well deserved up coming Easter break, that and lots of good dark chocolate.

  2. Wow! You deserve a serious month of fun! Hope you actually allow yourself that!

    I love your girl’s little smile in that picture. There is a lot going on in her mind, isn’t there?

  3. Ms. Morgan, Trudy!! I guess I can now call you that 23 years later (grade 9 english class) you seem to have a fun filled life – you are truly blessed….

  4. I will definitely be enjoying my well-deserved relaxation, especially during Easter break! And there’s no doubt chocolate will be a part of it.

    Nice to “see” you again Geraldine! Yes, I am truly blessed … no doubt about that!

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