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I Dye Daily


Well, maybe not quite “daily” like St. Paul.  But I am definitely dyeing.

Those of you who can spell well realize this is not a crisis.  But it is something new.

Dyeing things has never been a hobby of mine.  But in the last week, I have dyed:










These shocking pink pants (originally a non-shocking white) for Cinderfella to wear in the play.











Easter eggs with the kids.

#3 tiedye












A tie-dye shirt with, and for, Emma.

And finally, ta-da!!

#4 dyedhair









My hair.  But unlike the other dye jobs, this one required the use of a skilled professional.  DO NOT ATTEMPT AT HOME — at least, not if you’re like me.  Drama costumes, eggs, even cheap T-shirts can be dyed for fun, but if it’s going to be attached to my head for the rest of my life, I’d like more skilled hands dyeing my hair.

Anyway, it’s been a colourful week around here. Must be something to do with the gradual approach of spring.


7 thoughts on “I Dye Daily

  1. Lovely hair!!

  2. You look great! (So do the eggs, T-shirt and pants.)

  3. Love the new do!

  4. Love the new hair colour (I’m thinking of going red myself, but need to do temporary gel colours on my mohawk…when it appears).

    Tie Dying sounds difficult…looks like you succeeded, though.

  5. Tie dyeing is ridiculously easy, actually. Thanks for the nice comments on my hair colour, everyone. Jamie, I am waiting for the mohawk!!!

  6. your hair does look great! i love how you blog, trudy… always look forward to checking it out!

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