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Spring: The Trailer

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Spring is slow to come here in Newfoundland — I’ve blogged about that at length in the past, so I’ll spare you the whining this year.  But this weekend was rare for April: it was like a sneak preview of actual spring weather.

We had blue skies and sunshine both Saturday and Sunday, with temperatures in the mid-teens (feeling a little warmer when you were in the sun and out of the wind).  In other words there were times you could be out in just short  sleeves.

Our family took full advantage of both days. Sabbath afternoon we went for a walk up to Seal Cove, and today we did a more ambitious hike in the Signal Hill area.  The scenery was beautiful and the family time together (even with a little whining from the kids at the outset today when they realized we were going to make them hike a bit!) was priceless.  And Max was probably happiest of all, released from his long winter bondage (when he does not get nearly enough walks) to run and play and fetch the ball and swim in ponds and have a generally great canine time.


Usually I illustrate all our fun times with pics of the kids, so for a change, now that both children can reliably handle the camera, is a picture Emma took of me, Jason and Max on the Cuckold’s Cove trail today. It looks a bit like we are sliding into the sea but that’s just her artsy camera work.  More pics are up at Flickr, if you haven’t already seen them on Facebook.

This week’s forecast is for temperatures going back down to the low single-digits — sadly, much more seasonal — and lots of rain, sometimes with a possibility of flurries.  I’m glad we got full value for our spring preview, and hope the real thing isn’t too long coming!


One thought on “Spring: The Trailer

  1. Saturday got up to about 30 here. It was quite a surprise. And then Sunday got cold again. I’m sure the forecast was for another day like Saturday, but it turned out to be a normal April Day. Now I have no idea what to wear!

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