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Book News and Giveaway: New Esther book for teens!


teenestherYeah, I know, lots of good book/publishing-related news around here lately.  I’m sorry if that makes the other writers among my blog-readers a little sick of me … I promise I could balance it by telling you all my horrific tales of literary woe over the past two years, except they might involve some libel, slander and bitterness.  So let’s just say I’m happy to have a few things to celebrate this year, and I promise to be happy and celebrate with YOU when good things happen to you, too!

Anyway, while I wait for By the Rivers of Brooklyn to come out, I have another new release.  It’s actually a re-write of my 2003 Biblical novel Esther: A Story of Courage, but this one is substantially shorter and re-written for 10-15 year-old readers. Its release this year is timed to coincide with this summer’s Pathfinder Camporee in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, the theme of which is “Courage to Stand.” 

I’m going to give away five copies, and I’d like to give them to folks who will be able to promote the book among the age group it’s intended for.  So if you’re a Christian parent or teacher, a church youth or junior teen leader, or Pathfinder leader, I would love to give you a copy of my book and if you like it, please talk it up among the kids you know and work with.  Email me at trudyj65@hotmail.com, let me know with whom you’d like to share the book, and I’ll get a copy to you. 

For those who want to buy the book, it’s available now from Amazon as well as from the ABC website.


6 thoughts on “Book News and Giveaway: New Esther book for teens!

  1. Trudy, don’t apologise for your successes – I think it’s just wonderful. And I know you’ve not only worked your butt off to get there but have also endured more than your fair share of ups and downs…

    Congrats on this revised release and I hope it’s sells like hotcakes on a cold winter’s morning. 🙂

  2. Oh, don’t worry, I’m not apologizing! I just know how envious writers can be of each others’ success and how hard it can feel sometimes if you’ve been having a string of rejections just as someone you know suddenly gets a bunch of good news. I’m lucky to have several things coming out all at once this year, and it is exciting. But a lot of years of hard work have gone into it!

    Someday I will have to do a post about the “bad luck” side of it, just to balance it with some realism about the writer’s life, but I will live out names and incriminating details!!!

    Thanks for the good wishes.

  3. Trudy, so excited to hear there’s a new Easter book out! I loved the “big” Esther and have loaned it to all my friends with a “you must read this” note! I have not been able to look at the book of Esther the same way, such a reaonable look at her life as compared to the romantic look we always think it was.

    My daughter (11 yrs) is going to her first camporee at Oshkosh this summer! What a perfect time to have a new Easter book just for kids her age.

    Is there a possibility of adding my name to the list of people in the book drawing? Would be so grateful!

  4. I’ll put your name on the list, Jen!

    I’m going to close this giveaway tonight (Thursday) so if anyone’s been thinking of asking for a copy, hurry up and send me off an email today so I can select the winners.

  5. Hey, speaking as the person with the whole string of rejections – I’m just happy that another writer is having success. And especially you, because you are wonderful and deserve it. Enjoy!

  6. Hey everyone, thanks for posting/emailing to show your interest in the book! The five books I have to give away are going out to: Erin, Lisa, Nina, Kari and Roberta (and their various families/kids/students who they hope will enjoy the book). To everyone else who expressed interest, I’m just sorry I didn’t have more books to give away!! I hope you are willing to go out a buy a copy of the book (or order it online) and that you enjoy it!

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