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The Ninjas

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Almost every weekend and holiday morning, our bed turns into the Family Bed.  Most nights, now, Jason and I get the bed to ourselves, which wasn’t always the way. Until a few months ago Emma was still showing up in our bed sometime during the night, but nine seems to have been a kind of threshold for both kids, beyond which they rarely ever come into our room at night. But as soon as they wake up, if they don’t have to get ready for school right away, they migrate into our king-sized bed for cuddles, conversation, or what have you. 

This morning followed that same pattern. After a little while I got up to use the computer, which is in our bedroom, and then Jason got up to get his shower, and Emma wanted a turn on the computer, so I got back in bed with Chris.  However, far from enjoying a restful mother-son cuddle,  Christopher began jumping and thrashing around in the bed in a most unrestful manner.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m fighting an invisible ninja!!”

“Oh.” I thought for a moment.  “Do you think you could lure them into your room, and then fight them there?”

Bounce, thrash, dive under the covers.  “I don’t think so … he’s got me pinned!” came the muffled reply from Chris, lying as still as if … well, as if pinned to the bed by an invisible ninja.

I am really going to miss these mornings in a few years. Even the invisible ninjas.


One thought on “The Ninjas

  1. I’d say ESPECIALLY the invisible Ninjas! I love at this age the moments when Tatiana acts like an actual kid instead of a too-cool-for-playing teenager or something. I think there should be a rule that they act like kids until they are 13. Except for fit-throwing, of course.

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