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One of My Favourite Mother’s Day Presents


As always, my family went all-out to show me a good time on Mother’s Day, allowing me a nice long sleep-in while they prepared a lovely brunch for me today.  But one of the highlights of the weekend was yesterday, when I played the Mother’s Day card to convince Chris to sing this song in church.

Sorry I cut off the first line of the song — I was so overcome watching my favourite eleven-year-old singer perform my favourite song that I forgot for a moment that I’d planned to record it.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, especially mine, and thanks to my wonderful husband and kids for making this day special, and possible.


8 thoughts on “One of My Favourite Mother’s Day Presents

  1. Great job! You’ve got a pretty talented kid there!

  2. I told him the thing that amazed me most watching him sing and play guitar was how he makes it look so effortless and he said, “Well, it is effortless.” Not overwhelmed with the modesty, this child.

  3. Great job! Wow, he looks so freakin’ grown up with that hair cut. My favourite song too.

  4. Wow! That boy is talented!!

  5. It’s been said, but needs repeating…wow! That is a fantastic mother’s day gift.

  6. He just gets better and better. It will be interesting to see what this boy does in the future.

  7. Between your dad and Jas…he’s got some incredible guitar mentors to learn from. Not to mention all the amazing support, love and encouragement from his mommy. 🙂

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