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Wish I Had More to Say …


This week doesn’t seem to be my week for coming up with brilliant and original blog posts. Sorry.  I’m getting caught up in the end-of-school-year whirl of activities at work, at my kids’ school, and with our Pathfinder group at church (even though we don’t actually get out of school for another six weeks!).  And I’m trying to edit What You Want in my “spare time.” So, all that might be an excuse for not coming up with much in the way of brilliance or originality.

However, I have been reading lots of good books! Some of them I’ve been reading on the digital reader, which is really fun. Go over to Compulsive Overreader, check out my latest reviews, and toss me some comments.


2 thoughts on “Wish I Had More to Say …

  1. I wish I had more to say too…but I don’t. Still, I’m leaving a comment because this blog post looks lonely here all by itself.

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