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Apparently It’s Happening Again This Year…


springtreeslargeCompare with the photo I posted on March 22, in honour of the official “first day of spring,” to see why today’s photo has me so excited.  Newfoundland spring is always touch-and-go, but we’re finally getting hints of it, and we got a big bonus with the warmest, sunniest May long weekend I can remember for at least 10 years.

We spent Friday night, Sabbath, and Saturday night up at our church camp retreat weekend, returning home this morning. It was as close to idyllic as a retreat weekend could be — good weather, good friends, lots of other kids around for our kids to play with in an atmosphere where every adult is someone we know and trust to keep an eye on all the children, so we can be a little less hypervigilant about them running around with their friends. Thus, slightly more relaxing time for me and Jason. 

The only things to spoil our idyll were  Christopher taking a headfirst tumble off the swingset on Saturday evening while trying to show me that he really, really could do a front flip off the gymnastic rings (news flash: he can’t). This left him a little sore and subdued for the Saturday night activities, though he’s feeling much better today.  Emma, on the other hand, was not at all subdued during the  Saturday night games, but was quite sore when Jason told her at 10:30 at night that she had to leave the party, come back to our cabin and go to bed (this is a child whose normal bedtime is 8:30, lights out at 9). She pitched quite the fit, but she too seems to be recovered this morning.

Oh well, if there weren’t scrapes, tears and tumbles even in an idyllic weekend, we wouldn’t be raising Live Human Children, would we? Today we are back in town catching up on errands and stuff around the house.  Jason is working on  repainting the downstairs hall, while I went out to pick up a few items I needed — T-shirts for yoga, looseleaf and poster board for home and office. 

Do you think the sunshine and warm weather affected my purchases at all? springthings
No doubt about it … I’m in the mood for spring!!


4 thoughts on “Apparently It’s Happening Again This Year…

  1. Me too! Even though we kind of have it, I want it to be warmer than it is. I want to be able to sit outside in a T-Shirt!

  2. In the meantime, you may find buying some neon looseleaf brings summer on a little quicker.

  3. I was just noticing how the binders pictured above almost look like the rainbow flag.

  4. Oh, did I not mention I bought the Gay Pride Loose Leaf Pack? On sale at WalMart … 😉

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