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Voca People


In case you haven’t seen this yet … somebody shared it with me on Facebook today. Watch and be amazed…


6 thoughts on “Voca People

  1. Hey Trudy –
    the voca people – amazing and crazy!
    Where did you get your henna tatoo in 2006??? I want one, but Trouble Bound doesn’t do henna. Where did you go?

    • Christina — I went to a place that doesn’t exist any more — Visual Ink on Freshwater Rd. I’m not sure where you could get a henna tattoo done in St. John’s now. I liked mine but looking back I think it was a bit of a rip-off pricewise for how long it lasted.

      • thanks for replying trudy.
        What did it cost and how long did it last?
        I’ve found a place in CBS that does air brush tattoos, starting at $5 and lasting 2 wks….

      • They charged me $60 for a henna that lasted about 2 weeks. Of course it was summer and I was swimming every day, so that may have contributed to the fact that it didn’t last as long, but still, $60 was a rip-off.

  2. How cool! Imagine being able to sing like that.

  3. Wow! Music’s incredible. I find the white suit thing a bit unsettling though.

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