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More Launch News — with Prizes!!


So, as I’ve told you, the launch party for By the Rivers of Brooklyn is on Tuesday, June 16 at Bianca’s restaurant here in St. John’s.

If you can’t make it, you’re invited to the online party June 17, right here in front of your computer.

The goal is get as many people as possible to order By the Rivers of Brooklyn from indigo.ca in one day, in hopes of creating a little buzz around the book.  All you have to do is order the book anytime on June 17 and, if you like, post here to tell me that you’ve ordered it.

For extra fun, you can post and tell me what virtual snacks you’re bringing to the virtual party, or anything fun like that.

For even more fun (I’m overusing the word “fun” now!), I am offering some incentives for people who tell me they’ve ordered the book on launch day.

1. Do Some Good.  For every copy of the book you order on launch day (I’ll be taking your word for it if you post here to say you ordered a copy, or two, or six as gifts for all your friends), I will donate one dollar to this good cause — buying a stove, fuel, and cooking equipment for a refugee family.  Because honestly folks, no matter how hard my ancestors had it when they went to Brooklyn, or yours had it when the emigrated wherever they went — there are people in the world today leaving home with a lot less, under a lot worse circumstances. It’d be great to get 50 book orders, which would mean $50, the cost of one stove.  100 books and $100 dollars for two stoves would be even better! Remember, all you have to do is post here on June 17 to say (truthfully) “I ordered a copy of your book today from Indigo!

2. Win a Prize! If you post to say you’ve ordered the book, I will enter your  name in a PRIZE DRAW. If you order two books, I’ll enter your name twice!

The prize is really only useful to writers, but if you’re not a writer, maybe you can win it on behalf of a writer friend (everyone knows someone who’s working on a book!).  The prize is a manuscript reading and detailed evaluation and critique by award-winning author ME (blush).  If you win, you can send me your book-length manuscript, fiction or non-fiction, and I will read it in a timely fashion and respond with a detailed written critique. I will also answer follow-up questions and discuss strategies to improve your manuscript via email. 

There you go, folks — a virtual party, a chance to help refugees, a shot at winning a manuscript critique AND, best of all, a great book that will keep you reading late at night and maybe even make you cry at the end (according to at least one early reader).  If you want to know more about the book, go to the book’s website and look around! Meanwhile, I’ll be posting reminders here until the big day.


2 thoughts on “More Launch News — with Prizes!!

  1. Oh, Trudy! You know how bad I want that manuscript assessment??!! What an awesome prize. And yes, I’ll be ordering my copy on June 17. Is that my June 17 or yours?? Guess I’ll have to look up the time difference. Hope the launch goes off with a bang for you. xx

  2. Trudy! Congratulations again!

    Awesome incentives too!

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