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Welcome to the Online Book Launch Party



It’s the official online launch of By the Rivers of Brooklyn. And you get the same thing the people at the live launch got: a little bit of me reading from the book (at the launch, the reading was longer, and the lighting was better!):

Here’s how you can participate in the online party:

1. Post here to say “Hi!” “Congratulations!” “I’m wearing my virtual pink silk party dress and while nibbling on a piece of virtual chocolate cheesecake!” or whatever gets you in the party mood.

2. Go to THIS LINK and order a copy of By the Rivers of Brooklyn.  The more orders we get in one day the more buzz it will create around the book on Indigo’s site (at least, that’s the plan).

3. Post here and say, “I ordered a copy of the book today from Indigo!” If you would like to be entered in the prize draw, add: “Please include my name in the prize draw,” and I will.

What are the prizes, you may ask?

EVERYONE gets a chance to help a good cause: for every book ordered I will donate $1 to a project to buy stoves and cooking supplies for refugee families (hey, it’s a book about immigrants, there’s a connection).

The other, actual prizes are mainly of interest to writers, but if you’re not a writer yourself, you can still enter and share the prize with a writer friend.

ONE lucky first-place winner will get a free reading and evaluation of a full-length book manuscript, a service for which you would probably pay several hundred dollars professionally.  I will read your manuscript, comment at length upon it and discuss it with you.

A SECOND lucky winner will get another writerly prize: A personalized, one-on-one character development session from writer and workshop teacher (and my friend) Ami Hendrickson (www.museink.com), which, like my manuscript evaluation, will involve reading scenes from your manscript, with a personal response and follow-up.

The online launch party goes on for the next 24 hours — have fun and be sure to let me know when you’ve ordered the book!


8 thoughts on “Welcome to the Online Book Launch Party

  1. Trudy, congrats!! You look beautiful next to your enormous book 🙂 (I hope it’s not really that big or I’m going to struggle reading it in bed 😛 )

    And just for the record, “I ordered a copy” just then from inidigo.ca and “Puh-lease include my name in the prize draw” 🙂 Do I get an extra draw since I’m probably the first to order online on Jun 17?? I had to work out the time difference to make sure it was after midnight there…

    Now, for your launch I am wearing my very best…tracksuit. We’ve just come back from swimming lessons with the boys so it’s a bit casual around here today. However, in my mind I’m wearing my loveliest, hippy tunic complete with tights and boots. I may, however, indulge in a Tim Tam or two in celebration. I’m sure you’d join me if you could!!

  2. Another congratulations from Australia—see, we really are ahead.

    Will look forward to receiving the book and sharing in your story.

    Hope it goes well and you enjoy the celebrations.

  3. You can always count on the Aussies to get here first!!

    Thanks so much, Nathan and Karen. Now, while we keep this party rolling … you guys get some sleep.

  4. Hi Trudy!

    Again, so happy for you! And I know you were excited about the dress — it is lovely!

    I hope you will post a few more details about your \”real\” book launch soon, but I loved your reading! I can\’t wait to get my hands on that book (which Scott has promised to purchase today). 🙂

    I am not going to tell you what I am wearing right now, but later today I will be ALL DOLLED UP and I will think of your party then too! I hope everyone has a lot of fun and enjoys some mocktails!

    Congratulations again!

  5. Thanks Lori! And I\’m not forgetting it\’s a big day for you too … Lori is up for a poetry award and gets to find out tonight if she wins, so I am sending good wishes her way!!

  6. Oh and Karen — apparently that is the ultra-large-print edition!!

  7. I ordered TWO! I tried to order only one, but when my shopping cart came up, there were two in there. I thought it must be providence, and the Internet gods were trying to tell me that I’d love this book so much, I wouldn’t want to lend out my copy…so I got a copy to give away to someone who might enjoy it!

    Or maybe I’ll put it in the book basket at work…(I’m not sure when we got a book basket, but when I looked in their the other day, and saw all the thrillers, it occurred to me that maybe it’s time for me to up the literary quality of the basket).

  8. Definitely the work of the Internet Gods, Jamie. I will be very happy for you to give a book to a deserving recipient or put it in the book basket.

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