Time for More Mindless Frivolity

OK, time for something completely silly.  My favourite overblown 80s power ballad — the Literal Video version!

Literal video is kind of a YouTube craze, where somebody takes an existing music video and dubs over the voicetrack with lyrics that describe exactly what’s happening in the video.  The first time I saw this I laughed so hard tears rolled down my face.  It might not strike you that way, but if it does … enjoy.

2 Replies to “Time for More Mindless Frivolity”

  1. Oh my! Trudy, I have tears too 🙂 That was HILARIOUS!!! I love “Mullet with headlights”… Oh man, this is so, so clever. You have given me something to giggle about before I go to bed. Let’s hope my dreams aren’t like hers!!!

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