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More Cabin Stuff


Those who like kids (especially mine), dogs, and summer-cabin fun — and who have a high tolerance for Blair-Witch-style shaky-cam-in-the-woods — may enjoy this video the kids shot over the weekend.  We set them loose with the camera, the dog, and no parental oversight, though I did use some adult judgement in editing their twelve minutes of video down to a snappier five-minute segment.  With no further ado I present: “Hodgewater Tour,” by Emma and Chris.


7 thoughts on “More Cabin Stuff

  1. “Give us an outro?”!!! Your kids are way too sophisticated. LOL.

    And cool too, did I mention cool?

    Can you say webcast?

  2. I was laughing at that too — I think he may have gotten “outro” from doing radio stuff with Jason, although I thought Jason normally said “extro” — but yeah, they are very media-savvy and comfortable on either side of a microphone or camera (well, Emma was obviously BORN for the camera…)

  3. Was she EVER! They should have their own TV special. They can record “Tour” specials for YouTube, and maybe be discovered by a producer. At the very least, it could be a summer project that they can try and scarf extra credit for when they get back to school. 🙂

    Radio exposure has been great for these two. It’s as easy as water off a duck’s back – there’s not even a teleprompter. 🙂

  4. Apparently the word “outro” comes from playing Guitar Hero, Chris tells me.

    Maybe when Emma and I go on our cross-Newfoundland book tour later this summer, I’ll have her do video-blog updates from the road!

  5. Just out of curiousity … how long does it take to cross NF?

  6. About 10 hours straight driving. It’s a big island.

  7. Cool video. I love how Chris directed Emma to do an ‘Outro’, as well as Chris’s comment “like me in math class” when Emma mentioned Max’s short attention span.

    I also loved how Emma did such a great TV Host voice for the camera.

    Great job from both of them!

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