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Vlog: What I Know For Sure (or, Human Soup)



11 thoughts on “Vlog: What I Know For Sure (or, Human Soup)

  1. Hey, can I embed video in a response here? I’ll try, but you might just see giberish, and I don’t know how to delete my posts!

    • Yes, to be fair, you do have TWICE as many children as I do! I hope you’re not offended that they call riding on you “playing Whale Rider.” I love the video response … I think every time I post a video blog, you should do a video response!!

  2. OK, having re-watched my post, a couple of other disadvantages to video blogging: because I can’t edit, my hideous misuse of the word “literally” is preserved there for Tina (and other pedants) to laugh at, and I have to post to explain that someone “hitting me in the head with their noodle” is not as rude as it sounds — I just mean those foam pool noodles. Also, it seems YouTube chose the most unflattering still of me in the whole 2 minutes and 45 seconds to freeze as the default picture for that video screen. Ick.

    Video responses are cool though!

    • I suppose everyone whose been around both pools and kids at the same time would immediately know what you meant by ‘noodle’…but it must be WAY funnier for the people who don’t!

    • Oh, you got it too. I posted about it but hadn’t read your comments. I am still laughing. Do another vblog. And misuse air quotes or say that you literally died when you realized you had misused “literally”.. Come on!

    • LOL I just posted something similar but you already knew you did it. Do another vblog. Why not misuse air quotes and say that you literally died when you realized you misused the word “literally”. Oh, I’m still laughing. Don’t worry, plenty of chances to get me back, I’m sure. Literally!

      • Okay, that first post appeared to have disappeared into cyberspace so feel free to delete it. Doh! See, something to make fun of already.

  3. Hey Trudy

    Loved your Vlog. Am actually looking at getting a Flip camera myself…

    But what I love more is your ‘What I know for sure’. I feel exactly the same way. Glad you got in the human soup and got hit over the head with a noodle 🙂 I did get a giggle out of that phrase but that could just be my Aussie larrikinism creeping in…

  4. Oh my, I rushed here to comment so I wouldn’t forget the quotes. I LOVE your vblog! Why? Because you would not have said that the pool is “literally boiling with children” and may not have said that someone was trying to “hit you over the head with their noodle” if you could have edited it. Sorry, juvenile, I know but those had me in tears of laughter. Yay, vblog!!!!

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