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Up the Pond …


Today we joined tens of thousands of other St. John’s residents and visitors for the annual festival of crowds, whining and heatstroke that is the Royal St. John’s Regatta.  Oh, never mind, I’m just cranky because at the end of the day, when we were all tired and anxious to get home, we waited half an hour for the Regatta Bus that runs every 15 minutes. It wasn’t all bad.  Here are some of the good bits …


2 thoughts on “Up the Pond …

  1. I can’t say this is the music I normally associate with an outing in Newfoundland!

    Although, when I think about it, since I’ve never been to Newfoundland and had an outing, I don’t have any musical associations whatsoever to fall back on. I guess I need to come there.

  2. I actually wanted other music — there is an official or unofficial Regatta theme song that I wanted to put with this, or barring that any other Newfoundland music — but the real reason I made this video was to test the movie-making capacity of the Flip video software (verdict: faster and simpler than Windows Movie Maker, but not as flexible) and the only music I could get quickly was the canned music that came with the program.

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