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So, if all had gone according to plan we were supposed to be resting comfortably in a Chicago-area hotel this evening after a couple of well-timed flights, ready to pick up our RV and drive to Oshosh first thing Monday morning. We got to the airport at about 11:30 this morning for our 12:45 flight, and the biggest worries on our minds were 1) would our luggage make it all the way with us — we always travel with carry-on only, so I was distrustful about checking baggage, and 2) would we be able to get an upgrade to business class with our Aeroplan upgrade certificates? (We didn’t: there was no room in business class).

But when we got to Toronto, reclaimed our baggage, and moved swiftly and smoothly through US Customs, sitting in business class became the least of our worries.  Our flight to Chicago was cancelled — as were many flights to the midwestern and eastern US, due to thunderstorms along the way, we were told.  The cancelled flight meant that we entered a bizarre airline vortex where all they could offer was to put us on a flight tomorrow afternoon, or let us stay at the airport and keep trying standby.

Long story short: we’re staying in a hotel courtesy of Air Canada, and going to the airport reeeeeeallly early tomorrow to start trying for standby flights.  Not what we’d planned, but you have to roll with the unexpected when you travel, and here we are, still rolling along.


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