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Camporee, Here We Come!


We are leaving today to fly to Chicago, where we will pick up an RV (more on that later!) and drive to Oshkosh, Wisconsin. There we’ll meet up with six other families from our home church and about 30,000 other Adventist young people and their leaders from around the world for the Courage to Stand International Pathfinder Camporee!


We’ll post from the road and from Camporee as time and internet access allow. Wish us a great trip — and for the benefit of those of you who live in St. John’s and are less than scrupulous, I’m happy to announce that our friends Guido and Luigi and their team of trained rottweilers will be house-sitting while we’re away.

3 thoughts on “Camporee, Here We Come!

  1. Have a great camporee!

  2. i pray you had a great camporee

    did you enjoy the ester story?


  3. Pastor Ron, we surely did enjoy every minute of it, especially the Esther musical in the evening programs. The kids bought the CD and have been making us play it in the car while reliving moments from the musical. I watched you up front every morning at directors’ meetings and want to say a big THANKS to you and all the team that made this amazing event possible!!

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