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Hmmm … Books


Anytime I go on vacation, I always agonize about books. How many to take? What if I run out? Where will I get another? The load of books I drag around on a trip starts heavy and only gets heavier.  It occupies a lot of my energy, both mental and physical, to make sure my reading needs are met.

Now we’re on a three-week trip. How many books will I need? Three? Six? How will I fit them in my luggage?

Oh, how about I just bring twenty-one books??? And … here’s the best part …


They hardly take up any space at all.

I (heart) my e-reader.


2 thoughts on “Hmmm … Books

  1. I wish you battery power and lots of time to read. You know how I feel about these suckers, but you I like. So – enjoy!

  2. Amazingly, I have had absolutely NO time to read at Camporee — everything has been so busy. But now we start the two weeks of vacation and I am planning on making up for lost reading time.

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