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The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota


twineball1Technically, it’s the biggest ball of twine in the world — rolled by a single man (the late and obviously a bit obsessive Frank Johnson). There are larger twine balls but they have been community projects, poor attempts to mimic the inexplicable lure of the original in Darwin, Minnesota.  Darwin and its twine ball owe a lot to the great Weird Al Yankovic, who immortalized the Twine Ball in a song, which is the direct cause of our family’s making a detour on our way through Minnesota to make sure we saw the Twine Ball.  And truly, it was an awesome sight.

Tomorrow, Mount Rushmore.  Larger and better marked than the Twine Ball, I’m sure (we actually drove through the town of Darwin before we realized we’d passed it, and had to go back to find the Twine Ball).  But can it compete for sheer grandeur and majesty? We’ll have to see.


5 thoughts on “The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota

  1. So, did you sing the song while you were there?

  2. We played it over and over on the iPod as we drove to and around Darwin looking for the Twine Ball.

  3. That has been one of my favorite Weird Al songs since I was a kid. We only live a couple hours from Darwin and only realized it a few months ago. On our way up north this summer, we are going to stop by and shoot some video that I plan to use in a music video I’m going to create to the song. Should be fun.

  4. Thank you for your post! I am a Christian also and homeschool mom of 5. My girls and I were just reading Homer Price by Robert McCloskey and were searching for a picture of the world’s larges ball of string so it was fun to come across your blog.

    Emily Reynolds
    Lake Havasu City, Az

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