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BTS 09

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The first day of school brought mixed reactions at our house.  Emma was so excited last night she could barely get to sleep, and was up at 6:30 this morning chanting, “School starts today!!” Meanwhile, Christopher wasn’t as overtly negative about it as he’s been in the past, but certainly wasn’t going about the house squealing with excitement either.  I think the best way to sum it up is that he views school as a necessary evil.


His only comment (perhaps a hint of what lies ahead in adolescence) came when picking out back-to-school clothes last night — something he’s never really cared about before.  “In other years, I didn’t give a lot of thought to my ‘look,'” he told me.  “But now that I’m in Grade Six, it’s much more important.”

This morning, things were different.  When we got to school, Emma was devastated to see that she had been put in a different class from her two best friends. All her back-to-school joy abruptly dissolved into tears, and when I left her she was sitting near four girls whom she knows well but none of whom are her really close friends, looking so disappointed. I was almost in tears myself just to see her so crushed, although I know these are the kind of little setbacks kids have to learn to deal with. I can only hope she bounces back and adapts to the situation.

Meanwhile, when I went to see Chris in the Grade Six classroom, he was sitting in the back row with his buddies, apparently having a great time (and not at all fazed that 60% of his schoolday is now going to be in French, since he’s doing Intensive Core French this year). I can’t wait to see how they’re both feeling when I pick them up this afternoon!


One thought on “BTS 09

  1. i remember being so excited for school to start and at the same time being filled with dread… as a mom i’ll bet it’s hard to watch your kids going through all the intensity. jr is still under 2, but the thought of him being bullied or ignored at school is terrible!

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