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Oh Look! A Blog Post!!

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I’m just going to assume that since it’s mid-September, my last blog was about back-to-school, and I’ve been doing this blog thing for a few years now, you all know why I’ve disappeared from the blog-world and haven’t posted in over a week.  This is one of my favourite times of year, but also the most crazy and hectic as we all get re-accustomed to the routines and re-learn the business of getting out the door on time in the morning.

Fortunately, the craziness of organizing our home life in September is balanced by the absolute joy of being back at work. While I thoroughly enjoy every minute of those long summer vacations you all envy teachers for, I also love starting a new school year.  I’m in the middle of meeting all my new students, getting to know them and their stories.  I’m reading their first pieces of writing, which are all raw and funny and scary and sad and beautiful.  I’m in the thick of doing what I love and I haven’t had my head above water enough to write much lately.

I have lots of things to blog about as the smoke clears from the battlefield and we get settled into the fall routine.  Today the first germs of September have struck our house and the kids are both having a sick day, so I’m home and grabbing a minute to blog.  More to come soon, I promise!


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