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A Look Back at Camporee

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Apart from the obvious back-to-school stuff, much of my time over the last week has been taken up with putting together a video/slideshow to show in church this week, recapping the highlights of our club’s experience at International Pathfinder Camporee this summer.  In case you’re curious about that kind of thing, here it is:

I love playing around with Windows Movie Maker, as it’s a simple program for simple people like me, and it allows me to do just about everything I might want to do except (as you can see in this example) it doesn’t allow me to fiddle around with the audio levels when I import video clips.  There are places here where I would have liked to leave out some background noise, and bump up the levels when the kids were talking — but, like all of us, I did the best I could with what I had to work with! I like having something I can show people, and look back at to remember, just to capture a little of what Camporee week was like.

You can probably tell that the cool little animation at the end is NOT my work, but was actually shown at the end of the last night of Camporee … just to get us thinking about the next one!

Pathfinders is starting up again for this school year and the best thing about it is that Jason and I are not going to be in charge! We’ll still be involved, but we’re taking a much-anticipated break from leadership, which is great.


One thought on “A Look Back at Camporee

  1. Looks like so much fun! We are getting ready here for ours in 2010 held almost in my backyard …

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