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Signing, not singing


Everytime I post that I’m “signing” somewhere, such as doing a book-signing at Costco here in St. John’s this afternoon, I have to check to make sure I didn’t accidentally write “singing.” Somebody misread my Facebook status that way today. Me, singing at Costco or Chapters? Now that would keep people away in droves!

But today, I am signing. Which is always fun — not so much trying to flog By the Rivers of Brooklyn to people who haven’t heard of it, as the fact that at every signing I meet people who have read and enjoyed the book. That’s the fun part.

Amidst all the busyness of teaching and parenting, I am still keeping up a schedule of book-promoting activities.  Click here for a list of places I’ll be reading and signing (but not singing!!) in September and October.


6 thoughts on “Signing, not singing

  1. If you come to Ontario to do a book signing, I’ll come get my book signed.

    I loved the book, by the way.

    …and did you know that Amazon.ca says they are out of copies? What’s up with that? It says:

    “Currently unavailable.
    We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.”

  2. Amazon doesn’t carry books by Breakwater — at least not in any reliable way. There’s nothing I can do about that, sadly … you have to get it through Indigo.

    If I come to Ontario ever, I want to sign at the Indigo store that sells Life.

  3. Oh yeah. I forgot that I got it at Indigo. I was thinking I got it from Amazon.

  4. How about a book singeing?

  5. Trudy, it was great to hear you read at the Vaults the other night. I’m almost finished the book and it’s awesome. Having a signed copy? Even better! 🙂


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