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Flying Visit to Halifax


I made a quick trip to Halifax over the weekend to read and sign at the Word on the Street festival, a one-day event highlighting Atlantic Canadian authors. I really enjoyed reading there because I was on the “Book Club” stage, where local book clubs had been given copies of some of the books in advance. That meant there were a few people there who had actually read the book. Lots more stopped by to listen during my reading and many people seemed genuinely interested, bought books and got them signed, which I hope will create a little interest about By the Rivers of Brooklyn in the Halifax area and beyond.

Along with the shameless self-promotion, I got to spend time with some other Atlantic Canadian authors and met some other people in the business, and even picked up a couple of books that looked interesting (I’m in the process of updating Compulsive Overreader with the last few books I’ve read, and, as always, there’s lots more on my to-read shelf!)

As for an overnight trip away from my family, it seemed like a bad idea when I said goodbye to them at the airport, but it wasn’t so bad.  If you tune in again tomorrow I’ll tell you about the secret guilty pleasure I indulge in when I’m all alone in a hotel room.  You want to know, don’t you?


5 thoughts on “Flying Visit to Halifax

  1. I believe that would be a long hot bath, with a good book and your favorite chocolate, followed by sleeping in the next morning?

  2. Ahhh … all those things are good, but I do have an even guiltier secret that I sometimes indulge in when travelling alone … stay tuned!

  3. Jamie’s definitely closest … but not quite there … 😉

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