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My Guilty Pleasure


While I hate to be away from my loved ones, there are some advantages.  When I get in a hotel room by myself, as I did in Halifax this past weekend, I like to kick back on the big comfy bed, grab the remote, and turn on that “special” TV channel I’m not allowed to watch with my husband and kids …

That’s right, CMT.  Country Music Television.

I’m a closet country-music lover because none of my family and hardly any of my friends share my taste, and I don’t get much time to listen to music (or do anything!) in solitude. I guess I could have indoctrinated my kids into loving country if I’d started early enough, but only if I were a single parent — I don’t think Jason would have stood for it.

Even more than the actual music I love country music videos, which often seem to me cleverer and more story-like than rock or pop videos (not that I get to watch a lot of those either, nowadays, but I have in my time). I got hooked on CMT back in the early 90s when I was living in Alberta (of course!) but have had few chances to indulge since moving back home.  So there’s no contest for what channel I flick on when I’m alone in a hotel room, and for a few sweet hours I can let my inner country fan out to dance around and have a good time.

The video above is Mark Wills’ “19-something,” one of the ones I watched this weekend and enjoyed.


4 thoughts on “My Guilty Pleasure

  1. I don’t think indoctrinating our kids with a love of any genre is even possible. Tatiana informed me that she loves country music. When I asked her how she possibly could, she replied, “I’m rebelling”.

    Seriously. Since when is listening to country music considered rebelling?

    (Okay, so secretly, I like SOME country music, but as a genre it’s not something I listen to very often).

  2. Wow, that video just described my life! It even had a Steve Austin doll in it…and the Millenium Falcon! I had to post it on my facebook page it was so apropos.

  3. Awww … I just posted this today and now it says “embedding disabled” so you can’t watch it here, only on YouTube. What a pain.

  4. Trudy, I’m an out of the closet country music fan 🙂 Took me many years to own my country leanings, but I love CMT. I’m not sure if we get it on pay TV here in Oz (we just have free-to-air channels at our house) but I watch it a lot when we go back to Mike’s family in Alabama. I think the film clips are awesome too. Hooray for country music!!

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