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Our Real Thanksgiving Dinner

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Like a lot of Canadians and Newfoundlanders, we aren’t as into celebrating Thanksgiving as our American friends, and it’s always been hit-or-miss in our family as to whether we have a big turkey dinner on Thanksgiving weekend or not.  My Aunt Gertie’s birthday usually falls on or right after the holiday, and my mom is more likely to cook a turkey for birthdays, so that’s often when we celebrate.

This weekend, we didn’t have a turkey on the weekend, but we did have a big dinner at Aunt Gertie’s house last night (catered by my mom and dad) in honour of her 95th birthday.


The fact that someone I love so much has made it to five years short of a century in relatively good health — despite two bouts with cancer — that she’s still living in her own house, the home I grew up in, and that she has lived to see my children growing up and enjoy their company … that’s the biggest reason I have to be thankful this year! Happy birthday, Aunt Gertie.

More pics up on Flickr.


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