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NaNo Rebel


This awesome video blog would be even cooler if I hadn’t cut the top of my own head off…


4 thoughts on “NaNo Rebel

  1. ROFL! You are my hero, you know that?

    I need to break out of my Nano shell too. But not this year. This year, I need 50 percent off Scrivener, since that crack-driven program has sucked me in like a gateway software, and I am well and truly under it’s power foreverandeveramen.

  2. ok, my wifi signal froze when your mouth was open! I laughed so hard, my middle aged bladder was pushed to its limits! I love the video blog, do it again soon.

  3. Love, love, love this!!! More vlogs!!!

  4. I didn’t realize it till afterwards but this was my 500th post. How appropriate that I should sing on my 500th blog post … it’ll be at least another 500 posts before you see THAT again! (having a sing-along blog makes me feel a little like Dr. Horrible…)

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