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You can count this as one of those posts that I put up mainly for our own family’s enjoyment and archives, and for the benefit of some extended family and close friends, who will forgive my shameless bragging.  We’ve had a busy week (is there any other kind???) with Emma performing twice in the Kiwanis music festival, and both kids performing with friends (and, in Emma’s case, with her cheerleading team as well) at their school’s talent show.  The video quality is not super since it’s all shot from the parent seats, but hey, I thought I’d share since I’m so proud of how hard they worked and practiced and the great job they did. 

The video shows: Emma with the cheerleaders (she is on the front row, far right); Emma at Kiwanias; Emma and her friend Andrea playing a piano duet at the talent show; Chris on guitar and vocals with his friend Thomas on drums closing out the talent show.  I’m lucky to have such talented kids and even luckier that they are learning to practice hard and prepare when they want to do a good job.


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