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Still Doin’ That Thang …


In case anyone amongst my vast readership 😉 is wondering, yes, I’m doing that thing of giving up chocolate and fiction for Lent again this year.  I haven’t felt the need to blog about it — maybe because I’ve done so enough in past years. I’ve written about my personal and spiritual reasons for observing Lent even though it’s not part of my religious tradition, about why I believe self-denial is sometimes a good thing, about how I function without two of my favourite comforts for six weeks each year (I do give myself a break from the chocolate thing on Sabbaths).

One thing that never changes is that swearing off fiction forces me to read a variety of interesting, sometimes challenging, non-fiction books that I might not get to read otherwise.  While I try to spice it up with a few good memoirs that are just as much fun to read as novels, I also get to read some more thought-provoking and slower books.  I’ve just started blogging my way through this year’s Lenten reading list over at Compulsive Overreader, so drop over there from time to time and join in the conversation … I really like discussing books especially if someone else happens to have read the same book and has strong opinions about it!


2 thoughts on “Still Doin’ That Thang …

  1. I wondered if you were doing it (and assumed you were).

    This year I’m joining you, though I’m giving up sugar. And cocktails. Two of my favorite things.

    So far, I’m really liking it. It feels almost like a reset button, a start-over. A several times daily reminder of my own personal priorities.

  2. I am collecting surreal moments in Oregon. My latest one can only be understood by Adventists. During “kneeling prayer” this week the leader prayed, “Lord we thank you for this season of Lent. Even though it isn’t the tradition in this church, it helps us appreciate Easter that much more.”
    I think you have to be raised old-time Adventist to appreciate just how surreal that was to me. Happily surreal, but still very, very surreal.

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