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Another Gold Medal

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This post was actually supposed to come right after the Olympic one the other day — I interrupted my train of thought to mention the Atlantic Book Awards, but I’m back on track now, although this actually has nothing to do with the Olympics.  It does, however, relate to someone I think is a hero, to whom I’ve been meaning to send out a cheer.

Remember I said when talking about the Olympics that it’s people like Joannie Rochette and Chris Del Bosco who impress me, no matter what medals they get — young people who overcome obstacles to achieve their goals?  Well, I’d like to introduce you to another … a young man whose blog I’ve been reading for the last couple of years: the increasingly inaccurately-named Fat Lazy Guy.

They say one of the problems with the blogosphere is that it’s so homogenous, that we end up reading blogs by people just like ourselves with opinions and views and lives just like ours. However, I have some odd blog habits, which is why about two years ago I started searching out blogs by morbidly obese young men.  That does sound like a strange hobby, doesn’t it? But of course, like so many other things, it has to do with writing. If I’m writing about a character whose life experience is very different from mine, sometimes I’ll read blogs by people whose lives are in some way similar to my character’s … just to see if I’m getting it right.

So when I had written the character of Jonathan in What You Want, I was curious about what everyday life is like for a guy who weighs nearly 500 lbs.  I started hunting around for blogs that might give me some insight, which is harder than you’d think because while women, particularly middle-aged women, blog extensively about weight, body image, and weight loss, blogs on those topics by men, especially men in their 20s, are quite hard to find!

I did find a few, though, and FLG’s became one of my favourites to read.  His writing is entertaining and he seems like a decent guy — and because I went back and read through his archives, and kept up reading long after I’d finished doing that particular bit of writing research, I’ve been able to follow his whole amazing story, right up to this post where celebrates losing 285 pounds and shows us some progress pics. (Oh, and he also met a cute girl blogger and fell in love along the way, which is kind of sweet).

If you’ve ever doubted your ability to achieve a goal because it seemed like just too much to tackle, read FLG’s blog and be inspired.  And since he’s from New Zealand and they sadly did not get even one medal in the Winter Olympics, I have decided, on behalf of Canada, to award the Gold Medal for Healthy Living and Perseverance to the (no longer) Fat Lazy Guy!!


One thought on “Another Gold Medal

  1. Shucks, Trudy! Thank you so much!!! Thanks for following along my journey and offering support 🙂 And thank you so much for the medal! Haha. At least we got one!!! 😀

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