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Maybe It’s Spring …


So lately, I can’t stop thinking about new writing projects.  Even though I have unpublished and unpolished manuscripts around that need time, care and attention, I also have new ideas.  I can’t wait to get started on them … as soon as I can clear a little space free from freelance jobs and other committments.

Writing is a funny old business.  Ups and downs, successes and failures, belong side by side in the writing life as surely as on any roller coaster. I refuse to ride roller coasters since the harrowing but clarifying experience of the Mindbender at the West Edmonton Mall, but I have committed to a life of ups and downs by choosing to write for publication.

Good news — a new book release, good sales figures on a current book, an award nomination — crowd together with disappointments.  Rejections, for example. I used to belong to a writing group that ran a yearly competition for the writer who could collect the most rejection slips.  The idea was that rejections were good, because they showed you were taking risks with your work, putting yourself out there. So there’s that. But it doesn’t actually make them any more fun to get.

So, I’ve had a bit of both this month — some writing highs, some writing lows. But what I’ve emerged with is this ravenous desire to start exploring new ideas.

I’m not a “you must write EVERY DAY” kind of writer.  I have long stretches when I write every day and even longer stretches where I don’t write at all, except maybe for blogging or some freelance work.  I’ve learned to be OK with these fallow periods — this most recent one has lasted about four months — and wait for the bursts of ideas, energy, and enthusiasm that inevitably follow.

Looks like I’m about to start one of those productive times.  I’m excited.  Is it a reaction to success? A reaction to failure? Or is it just that whole spring, fertility, new life thing going on? I have no idea.  But I have ideas, and I need to get working on them.


2 thoughts on “Maybe It’s Spring …

  1. Ah, the coming of spring…it always puts a song in my head. Usually, “Posioning Pigeons in the Park” for some reason.

  2. That’s “Poisoning”

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