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There are many blessings of Easter, the most important being, of course, the promise of new life and resurrection in Christ. A side benefit for those Christians who observe Lent is that you get to pick back up whatever you gave up for Lent (unless you gave up something you thought was bad for you, and have decided to continue the discipline permanently, in which case, good for you!).

For me, this means shameless indulgence in Easter chocolate, since I always give up chocolate for Lent.  To be more honest, I give up chocolate during Lent except for on Sabbaths.  To be even more honest, I give up chocolate during Lent for the first four weeks.  During the fifth week, I guiltily break the rules and sneak chocolate a few times.  During Holy  Week, when I should be most abstemious of all, I find myself making all kinds of excuses to cheat and sneak chocolate, perhaps because there’s just so darned much of it around. Or perhaps because I really only have a month’s worth of self-discipline in me, I don’t know.

But my other Lenten discipline is giving up fiction, and this always leads me on an interesting journey through a bunch of non-fiction books I might never get around to otherwise. This year I read thirteen very interesting and varied books, and if you hop on over to Compulsive Overreader, you can check out my reviews, comment on what I’ve read, and make a conversation out of it — which is what I love about book-blogging.  (If you click on the LentBooks tag you can see not just what I’ve read this year but what I’ve read during Lent for the past couple of years).

Regularly scheduled fiction reading will resume today — and I have some great books lined up, so watch for reviews coming soon!


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