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It’s Fun to be a Drama Queen


I’ve never thought of myself as much of an actress … I did a little bit of acting in high school and not much since. Over years of directing high school plays I’ve learned to enjoy being behind the scenes. But when one of my students dropped out of her part in “Paper or Plastic” (produced by permission of The Dramatic Publishing Company!) I had the opportunity to fill in and play the part of a very stressed-out customer at the grocery store. It was a blast — I got a great little monologue where I could rant and rave and let out all my repressed anger. The meltdown I never get to have in real life.  It might be the only time I’m onstage again for years, so, for your viewing pleasure, family and friends … here’s my scene:


5 thoughts on “It’s Fun to be a Drama Queen

  1. ooooh shiny indeed!! Well done!! Your scream is VERY convincing! 🙂

  2. The scream was so much fun!

  3. “I am not a doormat! Stop wiping your feet on me!!!”

    Thanks for making my morning, Trudy 🙂

  4. I’m trying to say this without whining but I can’t. Why can’t I see this? Is it because I am an American? Whhhyyyy?

  5. No, I don’t know why you wouldn’t be able to see it … it’s just a YouTube video. Maybe something to do with the computer you’re watching on? Do you usually view YouTube videos without trouble?

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