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Another Video …


(Sorry, Sharon, if you can’t view this one either) …

Since I seem to be in a video-uploading mood and I’ve meant to post this one for awhile, here’s Chris’s Heritage Fair project: a film he made of his interview with our 95-year-old Aunt Gertie.  Done almost entirely on his own with a very little parental tech-support and encouragement, it not only earned him a winning spot in his school’s Heritage Fair but an honourable mention at the regional fair.  Plus, I think it’s cool to have as an addition to our family archives, and I hope he’ll cherish it for years. I know I will.


5 thoughts on “Another Video …

  1. Wow, Trudy, how cool is this?! Chris is a remarkable young man. And Gertie is fabulous. Thanks for sharing them both.

  2. Thank you! I was very impressed with both of them.

  3. Nope, can’t see it. But you posted it on facebook and while I haven’t had a chance to watch it, it appears to be functional.

  4. What a great keepsake this is! Chris did a wonderful job of interviewing, and of course Gertie, as always, is a treasure. I couldn’t help noticing that Gertie’s childhood pursuits (skipping, hopscotch, Hoist Your Sails and Run) were also mine even though I’m nearly 30 years younger.

  5. What a great video. Thank you! Can’t wait to show David and Ben.

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