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My blog lately kind of looks like I’m not really doing much, except uploading pictures and video. April and (so far) May have been really busy months around here, but just to keep you all in the loop, I have been reading some great books, and have just updated Compulsive Overreader with a bunch of new reviews.

Along with the teaching and parenting which take up most of my time, I am working on new writing projects, and on the endless process of flogging or promoting old ones.  Along those lines, I’ve had a few pieces of good news about By the Rivers of Brooklyn, including an award, which is always nice.  You can catch up on the Brooklyn-related news over here.

I’ve been busy doing final edits on That First Christmas: The Wise Men, the second in my series of Christmas gift books from Review and Herald, which is coming out (guess when?) at Christmas, and another novel for R&H due out next spring, tentatively titled Sunrise Hope.  But I’m not quite happy with that title and thinking of changing it just to Sunrise, as the original sounds too much like a romance novel (which was what I started out intending to write, but books take you in different directions, and although this one still has romance in it, I wouldn’t label it a romance novel now).  As always, watch for news about those books, and anything else new I have coming up.

Eventually I will try to get back to writing more interesting blog posts, but for now, that’s what I’ve been doing!


One thought on “Stuff I’m Doing …

  1. Well, I’ve started a blog! You inspired me! I have been doing a “sort of” blog at the Downhome Magazine “Kitchen” on line site, but I have now started one at blogspot.com and I gave it an original (lol) name like “Sharecroppermike’s blog”. It’s mostly about the musical blog in the Kitchen but that’s ok for now. Gotta start somewhere, right?!! And, how do I get people to listen to music there and now in my blog? Who knows. But you’re the first I’m telling. Now the “whole world” will know!!! lol


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