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Summertime … and the Livin’ Is …


… not particularly easy, not yet, because while Central Canada complains about their terrible heat wave, we are still celebrating every day we manage to hit double digit temperatures (that’s Celsius, folks).

It’s hard to think what to blog about in summer. It’s like my brain slows down and the world narrows its focus. I spend more time on writing, and on writing-related things like querying agents about manuscripts, but there are only so many writing topics I can blog about (don’t worry, there’ll be more to come).  On the days when we do get good weather, my focus shifts and then it’s all about things like this:

and this:

and this:

Hope you’re enjoying your summer, whatever the livin’ is like around your way.


3 thoughts on “Summertime … and the Livin’ Is …

  1. Hot Hot Hot. What a week to have a bottle of 5FU taped to my chest….means I can only LOOK at the pool until Thursday evening.

  2. Oh well…I’ve been saying I don’t have any sympathy for anyone in Ontario, but I will make an exception for you, since you have a pool but can’t get in it. (Can you dangle your feet?)

  3. Yes, but it might make them go all tingly.

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