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My Tely 10 Adventure


Back in the spring I set a couple of “wouldn’t it be nice to do that sometime” kind of goals for myself, one of which was to enter the Tely10, St. John’s biggest and most famous road race.  Not that I intended to race, as such; I’m a walker, not a runner. But lots of people walk the Tely 10, so I figured I’d be in good company.

I was originally going to do it with a friend who had to abandon the plan because of knee problems. So, Jason volunteered to be my walking buddy, which was a great choice since he was hilarious and kept me laughing all the way along.  I first thought the “10” in Tely10 meant 10K, but it’s actually 10 miles which is a lot longer. Of course, being me, I had to record and video-blog the whole event. So if you’d like to see a three-hour athletic event condensed into six minutes of video, have a look:


7 thoughts on “My Tely 10 Adventure

  1. Cool! I didn’t realize there were people that actually walked the Telly 10. I just might have to try it some time. 🙂 Good job!

  2. That was so much fun to watch. How wonderful that you not only completed a great goal for yourself but, had such fun doing it! Congratulations to you both for making it in under 3 hours!!!

  3. Thanks! It really was fun. Yes Jacqueline, there are lots of walkers (though of course not nearly as many as the runners).

  4. Love the warm-up routine 😀

  5. Since Jason’s knee took a beating on the walk, he’s thinking maybe he should have had a slightly more vigorous warm up routine.

  6. Oh, good for you!! You’re my hero.

  7. Good for you and Jason. I love the fact that you accomplished this goal together!

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