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Gone with the Wind

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Last night we settled down in our campsite here at the Pugwash Pathfinder Camporee after a hot sunny day full of activities. The highlights of the day for me were 1) an hour in the morning when I sneaked away into town to write at a lovely little cafe there, 2) an afternoon swimming at Pugwash’s warm sandy ocean beach, and 3) a great Friday night singalong after the evening program. We came back to our tents ready for a restful night.

Just before 1 am I woke up to winds so high the tent was shaking. I wondered if the kids were scared in their tents. If we’d been in our tent as a family with both our kids in with us, we’d have weathered it out, I think, because our tent is sturdy and well staked down. But some of the tents of people in our group were blowing around, tent poles snapping, kids frightened, etc. (Not all the kids. Chris slept like Jesus in the boat on Galilee, and had to be wakened to be told there was a windstorm).

We evacuated and moved to a nearby cabin, where with the help of mattresses on the floor and parents bunking with kids, we fit 24 people into a cabin meant for 14. With the kids settled, we adults went back up to the site to collapse the tents to prevent further damage, so that in the morning our campsite presented the rather sad aspect shown here. I’m pretty sure we’ll all have vivid memories of our campout at Pugwash!


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