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Yes, We’re Home…

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Jason says I have to update my blog because it looks like we’re still travelling. And I keep putting it off, not because I have nothing to say but because there’s too much to say, I can’t decide what to blog about.

I have to figure out how to tell you about the Writers at Woody Point festival, and how much fun it was, and how I was shamelessly fan-girly to Shelagh Rogers. And then there’s everything I’ve been doing since I got back — finishing another manuscript, getting the kids ready for back to school, trying to organize my “home office” (i.e. my desk and  the shelf above it).

Today I’m going to be on our local CBC Radio Noon phone-in show, as the in-studio guests, talking about e-readers. I can’t wait to field phone calls from rabid Luddites who believe Kobos and Kindles are signs of the apocalypse. Should be fun!

Consider this blog post a placeholder, until I manage to pull something more interesting together.


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