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Christmas Comes Early!


OK, Christmas has not come yet. In fact as today is Sept 25, it is exactly three months away. But something Christmassy did come early — a box of author copies of my new Christmas book! This is the second in a series of novellas called That First Christmas, each one telling the story of some character within the Nativity story. The first was last year’s Yosef’s Story; this year’s book is told from the point of view of one of the Magi who makes the journey to Bethlehem.

This was an interesting story to work with as there’s so little in the Bible story, and so much tradition and speculation about who these “wise men” might have been and where they came from — not to mention the star they followed! I enjoyed researching the time period, looking at lots of different things people had written over the years about the Magi, and choosing details that I thought would make an interesting (and hopefully moving) Christmas story.

If you want to buy a copy (or a couple, for friends and family!) you can get it at the Adventist Book Center, amazon.com or amazon.ca . But if you’d like a free copy, as an early Christmas present (or a start on your Christmas shopping), read on …

It’s time for a book giveaway! I always try to do one whenever I get author copies of a new book, and anyway, as you’ve probably noticed the last few posts, I am just desperate for comments on the blog these days (although I’m just as big an offender, reading and enjoying so many other people’s blogs and rarely commenting).  Give me a shout so I know you’re out there, and we’ll see about getting you some books, OK?

Here’s the deal: I’m going to give away four prizes.

1st prize: Both Christmas books (Yosef’s Story and The Wise Men) plus a bonus copy of Daughters of Grace, a beautifully-illustrated collection of my essays about women of the Bible.

2nd prize: The two Christmas books.

3rd & 4th prizes: The Wise Men.

Ideally, I’ll get more than four replies and have to draw for winners!! Any of these books would make a lovely early Christmas gift for you and your family — or, if they’re not your cup of herbal tea, someone on your Christmas list may enjoy them and, look at that, part of your shopping is already done!

Here’s what you need to do to be considered for a book.  Post below to answer this question:

It’s September 25.  Christmas is three months away. Are you already beginning your Christmas shopping? Already done your Christmas shopping? Not even thinking about Christmas yet? Trying to ignore the whole thing?

Answer me that, and I’ll include your name as one of the possible winners of this lovely new book, and maybe a couple of others as well.   And Merry September 25!!


18 thoughts on “Christmas Comes Early!

  1. Since I live so far away from my family, they will probably only get a phone call for a Christmas present. But if I’m lucky, I will be able to find some neat things to put in a box. So technically, I haven’t started yet, but who knows? Maybe I’ll be able to find something yet. After all, I do have three months!

  2. Hah! Christmas isn’t even a blip on the radar right now… Well, at least it wasn’t untill you got me thinking abou it 😉 My family has a bunch of fall birthdays, so I’m just trying to get through those, then I’ll get out there with the rest of the crazy last minute shoppers. Maybe I’ll muster up the courage to go out at 5am on black Friday and get it all done then.

  3. Love the cover of The Wise Men. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it as much as Yosef’s Story.

    Yesterday I purchased a Mega Bloc set for Danielle. Normally I haven’t started this early, but this was such a good deal I couldn’t resist. I usually start in October so I can be done by December and not have to go to a mall during that time (my idea of hell!).

    I love giving the kids gifts but the amount they get is insane. This year I’m hoping I can convince Dwayne the kids don’t need so much for Christmas. Would love to downscale. It’s just soooo much!

  4. I have actually started my Christmas shopping this year. I run a daycare and take care of lots of little ones and I buy them all something for Christmas. So, I found beautiful plates for leaving cookies for Santa and bought all they had! Unfortunately, I didn’t think how heavy they would be to lug around for 3 hours downtown! 12 ceramic plates makes for one very sore arm.

  5. I am of a mixed bag when it comes to Christmas shopping. I paradoxically LOVE going out into the hubbub during the week before Christmas to see the hustle & bustle, lights & music, the crimson-clad saints ringing bells, yet I DETEST actually having to buy something during that time period as the happiest time of year seems to be just the opposite to some.

    Buying my “booty” for those nearest me is also quite dichotomous. Rarely do I get the shopping done for my wife or the female members of my “posse” until late November, whilst I contrarily shop for my son & other male members of my contingency every time I walk through the doors of a retail outlet. It is not that I’m sexist, it’s just that I rarely will step foot VOLUNTARILY into the hot-pink aisle at Toys R Us – it hurts the eyes! I also find good sales throughout the year and I not only have enough toys for my son for Christmas but for his birthday as well next March.

    In a way, it is good that I “procrastinate” on my women-folk. That gives me reason to put down my marking pen in late October & throughout November to go shopping, which inevitably helps to put me into the mood of the most commercial time of year in the Western hemisphere.

  6. Oh! Another Trudy Morgan Cole book! Yummy! 🙂

    I’ve been known to say that any time before December, Christmas is a swear word. I tend to shut down in listening to anyone that says the word Christmas before December.

    That being said, my parents are among the “snowbirds” that flee to Florida for the winter and we usually have an early Christmas with them before they go. We’re having it the November 11th weekend this year and I haven’t done a single thing to get ready for it yet.

  7. I’m a last minute Christmas shopper but I do spend Oct. and Nov. thinking of what would make a good gift! (Problem is, once I’ve decided on theperfect gift it is usually out of stock!) But you have me thinking these books would make really great gifts to my mom in Ontario who teaches at a Christian school. (And then I can steal them back next Christmas… oh the Grinch in me… 🙂 So, even if I can’t pick one up in a draw I’ll be Amazon-ing it to her! The new book looks great btw! Congrats!

  8. We have taken to holding a grab bag at Christmastime. We each bring 2 small $5.oo or less gifts (the more clever the better) and we draw numbers. then we can steal someone elses gift or keep and open what we chose. Its fun and always there is one gift that everyone wants which makes for a laugh filled evening. Somehow not having piles and piles of presents makes for a guilt free Christmas. So no, I haven’t started yet, but my brain is beginning to work on what would be super clever!

  9. Hi Trudy
    I usually start early mostly because I always see things through the year that I know will be great for a specific person. If I waited, invariably it would be gone or three times the price!

    These days I think more about providing consumables (jams, pickles, cookies, etc that I made myself) along with a book or music certificate. I know many of my friends are pondering the accumulation of stuff and the last thing most people want is more stuff, even if it is pretty!
    Martha M

  10. I haven’t even thought about Christmas shopping yet! Thinking long and hard about gift ideas never really works for me…. I think I actually do way better when I have to go out semi- last minute and do all the shopping. That way, I more often have to go with my first instinct for the gift which is always the better choice.

  11. Hi Trudy,

    I normally start my Christmas shopping in the back to school sales, so that I can spread the cost of Christmas over a few months. However, this year my husband and kids have decided to do Christmas Wabi-Sabi style. We are going to make gifts for one another, using our own gifts and talents.

    I recently learnt how to knit, so I’ll be making scarves for them all and I did already go and get some wool from the store (I found a good sale!). I’m also going to use some material I have left over to make them all PJ’s/lounge pants.

    Ellie (6) made a start on some of her projects as well. Mike will leave his to the last possible moment and I’ll probably help Amy (3) with her’s a few days before Christmas when I remember that she needs gifts too!

    I’m more excited about Christmas this year then I have been in a long time, there is something about getting away from the commercialism of it and getting back to the basics of what Christmas is really about.

  12. Christmas shopping won’t even cross my mind until approximately 12 midnight December 23. In that way, I’m more like the stereotypical male then the superior gender to which I actually belong (joking, joking. About the “superior” part). I suppose there’s some deep psychological reason for my procrastination, but what that is, I don’t know. Anyways, I hope entry this will get me a prize. Merry Christmas to me! 🙂

  13. This year I have three birthdays in my family around and on Christmas…so I am ignoring the gift buying! I am still getting through the fall birthday season, but once that’s over, I will have to plan out what I’m buying everyone…
    As for Christmas itself…very much looking forward to it. We have family that flies in for the holiday, and the reunion after 6 months apart is worth all the hassle leading up to it!

  14. Me! Me! Pick me!

    I’m totally in denial, and I will remain so until after I come back from Minneapolis the first week in December. Don’t even use that “C” word around me until Dec. 10 at the earliest.

  15. I need to get through autumn before I can process Christmas! But, I always look forward to baking with my mom a few days before, making almond bark pretzels with the kids (we pass them out to the neighbors), and time with family.

    You know, maybe I am looking forward to Christmas already!!

  16. Haven’t given a thought to Christmas shopping but have started to think about music for the Christmas service for church. This is the first year that I am responsible for organizing it. I’m in the process of discovering resources and getting people to start planning and thinking about what they would like to present to their church family.

  17. I want to know which 21st-century suggestions made it into your Wise Guys book. 🙂

    I was only given 5 comp copies of my devotional book, so 2 will go to immediate family. I had hoped to buy some at a discount and give them to friends, but I won’t be able to swing that. The economy will dictate that many gift-givers either get hand-crafty, or just don’t give gifts. This is my second Christmas unemployed, and my idea of gift-giving has to be something hand-crafted: homemade jam, baked goods, etc.

  18. Oddly enough, I HAVE started Christmas shopping. I had a free evening on my own in a different city and happened to find a lovely book store that had a huge sale. That’s something hard to resist. 🙂

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