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Sorry … it’s been a busy week, punctuated by a lovely relaxing, productive weekend at Coley’s Point with some of the Strident Women.  Unexpectedly, I managed to figure out the plot of my new novel while there, which was quite a surprise as normally I just start writing and plot happens along the way. I was having trouble figuring out where to go with this one, though, so a bit of plot will be  a big help.


Anyway, thanks to each and every one of the 18 people who entered my contest to win a copy of The Wise Men. The winners are:

1st prize — The Wise Men plus Yosef’s Story and Daughters of Grace: Shelly!

2nd prize — The Wise Men and Yosef’s Story: Sam

3rd & 4th prizes — A copy each of the The Wise Men for Dawn and Scott

Thanks for playing, everyone! If the winners would email me at trudyj65 [at] hotmail [dot] com and send me your snaily maily addresses, I will get those copies in the mail pronto — at least soon enough that I can promise Dawn, Scott and Sam will get them well before Christmas.  In the case of Shelly who is far across the sea … we’ll see. But I’ll do my best!

Bonus copies are also going out to Christy and Patty for making me laugh on Facebook so often during the process of drafting this book.  Enjoy!


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