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Friday Night Video


Sometimes I think I should make “Friday Night Video” a regular feature here on Hypergraffiti.  Maybe I don’t see one video a week that really touches me, but this one did.

OK, I’ve been kicking around Christian music (mostly as a listener, certainly not as a performer!) since the early 80s, and I know it’s not that cool to like Amy Grant anymore, but I don’t care; I still like her.  This song, and the video, really hit me.

Not only do I love the lyrics, but I have to say I’m a sucker for videos with little stories in them. I know sometimes in Christian music and even more in country music videos they’re kind of sentimental, and this one would be downright sappy except — there’s no hint of a happy ending.  Just this guy sitting alone with his brokenness and the realization of what he threw away. And that’s what the song’s about: how the place God really meets us is in our honesty and brokenness and pain.  Moreso than in any polished prayer or praise service.

Beautiful, the mess we are/ The honest cries of breaking hearts/ Are better than a hallelujah sometimes

More and more, that’s what I believe about faith. Where we are — where we really are — is where God is.

Shabbat Shalom and all that. Be honest and broken and beautiful … you are loved.


5 thoughts on “Friday Night Video

  1. Hi! I think this is my first comment here. I’ve been meaning to read your blog for several years (ever since my husband found it from some other SDA bloggers’ links), but I only added it to my blogroll last week.

    I’ve been blogging for nearly 6 years, but I don’t really mention my religious background in the blog & don’t read any blogs by SDA folks, so you’re the very first. 😉 (I feel slightly bad about this “compartmentalization” of my life, but it’s a long and conflicted story. Sometimes I feel like I should have another blog just to try to sort these issues out). Anyway, I’ll be commenting more in the future, so we can “talk more” later.

    I’ve been a big fan of Amy Grant since the late 80s, early 90s (I’m from Brazil, so there used to be a bit of a delay for Christian music to get there in the time of LPs — I have one Amy Grant LP, Straight Ahead — I bought that on CD here too) ;-). And I don’t think that it’s not cool to be her fan anymore, come on! Some of her recent albums (like the Simple Things one) were pretty well known and played everywhere here in the States (e.g. in retail stores, even).

    Oh, and I’m not only a fan of her music, I particularly think she’s gorgeous, getting even more beautiful as she ages. Well, now that I’ve written this humongous comment, I’ve got to go and watch the video. I’m sure I will enjoy it, thanks for sharing. I really like CCM (particularly Steven Curtis Chapman, Casting Crowns, etc), but for some strange reason I’ve never looked up videos on YouTube for it.

  2. Thanks for finally commenting! It’s interesting what you say about “compartmentalizing” your life … I know what you mean. In my case, starting a blog was one of the things I did to try to stop compartmentalizing, to make my life more integrated. For a long time, I felt like online was the only place I could be ALL the things I am — a Christian, a Seventh-day Adventist, a teacher, a mom, a writer — without having to gloss over parts of what I think and believe for different audiences. That said, that’s probably why I don’t have a huge blog following — I bounce around so much from one topic to the next.

    I guess what I mean about it not being cool to like Amy Grant anymore is that there was a time when stricter Christians (including a lot of Adventists I knew) didn’t like her because her music was “too contemporary.” Then a lot of people who HAD liked her, rejected her because of her divorce. Then I think she began to be seen, by people who were more cutting-edge in their music tastes, as a bit tame and old-fashioned … so sometimes I wonder if there’s anyone left who likes her! But obviously people do. And I totally agree with you that she’s aged beautifully … now that I’m in my mid-forties that’s a quality in women that impresses me more and more!

  3. Ooooh….
    Can I nominate this song:

    If you haven’t seen this “Glee” episode, look it up on Hulu. I would love to see you blog about it. Christian witness. Religon in school. Young gays in school. Gut-wrenching.
    But the best part is that song.

    • I keep thinking I should watch Glee, but I’d have to go back to the beginning of Season 1 and watch in order … I’m just that way about TV shows.

      I will check out the video though!

  4. I don ‘t watch Glee either and… ahahahaha, I’m that way with everything (watching/reading from the beginning). One of these days you’re going to start getting comments from me on really old posts ;-).

    Thanks for commenting back. That’s a bad thing with me — I don’t regularly respond in my own comment section. I don’t really know why. But oftentimes I respond within blog posts.

    I wish my life could be less “compartmentalized,” but the truth is that blogging is the very thing that made most aspects of my life so separate from each other. 😦 It’s a long story. Anyway, I really, really enjoy that you blog about so many subjects. I am like that too (although I don’t blog about everything — at least not my religious side), but it’s mostly because there’s just way too much going on in my life at any given time (we’re expatriates, we’re still getting settled down — job-wise, I’m always struggling with my identity as an academic, etc.).

    Well, I’m glad I’m finally talking to you too. One more “blog friend” is always good, I mean, there can’t be too many blog friends in one’s life (at least not in mine).

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