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Finally … the Follow-Up …


…to that last post on the Great Disappointment. This has been an insanely busy week so I haven’t had time to blog about anything else, which is OK because now it looks like I’m staying on topic for once.

Anyway, here as promised is a clip from my sermon of last Sabbath, talking about the Great Disappointment and the Second Coming.  And, also as promised, a treat for my geekier friends — first and last time wearing my Star Trek uniform in church! This clip comes about twenty minutes into the sermon, after I’ve been talking about how long we’ve been preaching that Jesus is coming “soon” and how hard i can be on our faith when we ask, “Do we really have a hope to look forward to? And what does it mean to say He’s coming  ‘soon’?” If you want to see the whole sermon, it’s here.


4 thoughts on “Finally … the Follow-Up …

  1. Hi Trudy,

    Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed listening to your talk. I always get so much from you! Maybe some day I will be there in person!

  2. Are you a Doctor Who fan also?

    • I’m a BIG fan of the one-season-only Ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston. I’ve seen some of the episodes with David Tennant, and some of the older series which I view as being in the same kitschy “bad sci fi” category as original series Star Trek.

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