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One Advantage of e-Readers


I love my e-reader, as I think I may have mentioned a few times before. I love it so much that I’ve spread the love throughout the family: I bought Jason a Kobo for Father’s Day, and Emma was so enchanted with it that she saved up half the money to buy her own, and we paid the other half (reading is a habit I’ll always support). Only Chris, who likes to read but not as frequently or avidly as the rest of us, resisted the e-reader craze in our house.

Just this week we discovered a real benefit to having three e-readers in the house.  The kids, having enjoyed Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series, were eager to read the first book in his new series, The Lost Hero.  Rather than buying a book that would have to be passed from person to person (because I wanted to read it too!), I bought the e-book, and downloaded it to all three readers.  Jason loaned his Kobo to Chris for a few days, and at one point Chris, Emma and I were all reading it at the same time.

It’s so much fun — especially when a writer creates suspense as well as Riordan does — to be racing through a book at the same time.  Emma and I, particularly, were constantly taunting each other: “What part are you up to? Oh, I’ve passed that — I know what happens next!” “Don’t tell me!” Now we’ve both finished, and since Jason had to travel this week and took his Kobo with him, Chris has borrowed mine to finish the book. As a bonus of reading these books, I think my kids now have a better grasp of Greek and Roman mythology than I do. I also love being able to share the books my kids are reading and discuss with them … but the fun of reading this one simultaneously wouldn’t have happened without the e-readers.


4 thoughts on “One Advantage of e-Readers

  1. I’m waiting for them to get cheap enough for my kids (who HAVEN’T saved up for half of one). I do wonder if Tatiana would be able to read this on her netbook, or if it’s protected so it only works on one computer.

    My e-Reader ran out of batteries in the middle of your book, so now I don’t know where I was!

  2. When you charge it, doesn’t it keep your bookmarks? Mine does.

    The non-wireless Kobos are down to $128 now, although I do think the Kobos are a bit glitchy … something went wrong with the screen on Emma’s and we had to send it back and get a replacement (but at least they replaced it for free). We haven’t had any problems with books being protected as long as they were in epub format; we can download them to all three readers.

  3. are the books themselves that you download expensive? I want to get one just so I can be lazy about finding a good book but I wonder if it’s cost effective. (Because now there are like six books I want to read now, including yours, that I have been on your blog for 10 minutes)

  4. They’re usually cheaper than a new hardcover release, similar to what the book would cost in trade paperback.

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